Weekend in Colorado

Hi there ☺️

As I’m writing this post on my prep period, it’s 9am on Wednesday…the first day back at school after mid-winter break. My flight into Detroit landed at 12:36 am this morning and my alarm went off at 6am so basically I look like this…

And I may or may not have sent this snapchat and used the caption #teachingwithmyeyesclosed my rendition of Taylor Swifts “dancing with our hands tied.” Trust me, I know it was probably funnier to me in my tired state than it will ever be to you, haha. 🙈

However, despite the sleepiness I can’t shake, I am still riding the high of this weekend because I got to spend an entirely perfect four day weekend with Josh! For those of you that don’t know, my boyfriend, Josh, lives in Colorado which is a whopping 18 hours (and TWO time zones) away. If you missed it, read my blog post about my first trip to Denver HERE.

I had Monday and Tuesday of this week off of school for mid-winter break and Josh had Monday off of work for President’s day, so last week we made a very spontaneous decision to split a plane ticket and the next thing I knew I was racing to the airport after work on Friday and got to Denver by 7pm. Instead of a Valentine’s care package in the mail, he got to pick me up from the airport instead! 😂

Friday night started off like this and pretty much stayed like this the entire time. We had plans to go out to the bar but much preferred snuggling on the couch with our drinks instead. It isn’t often that I get to see this guy in person, so I try to soak up every minute when I can.

On Saturday, we did some grocery shopping and watched the Olympics and I took a 3 1/2 hour nap. Yes, you read that right. I was getting reeeeal cozy on the couch when Josh passed me a blanket and when I woke up it was dark out. I chalked it up to the time change but was really surprised that I slept so hard that I didn’t budge for over 3 hours. And we definitely won’t talk about the snoring he swears he heard. #embarrassing

My favorite bartender always has a fun drink ready for me 🙂

We even had a surprise FaceTime call from these guys!

Cute face, Con. 😂

Once Josh was able to wake me from the dead and lovingly force a cup of coffee down my throat, we headed out to a super fun karaoke bar near his apartment. The weather was so nice that we walked and I had a blast! The place was packed and we both enjoyed the karaoke and the people watching.

Is this cutie smiling because I’m in town or because of the chili cheese tater tots in front of him? You tell me, hahaha.

We started Sunday morning at Spur Coffee in Littleton, CO. It was a little bit of a drive from where Josh lives but what I really wanted to see…..

….was the set of #WhatLiftsYou wings on the side of the coffee shop. Littleton is the hometown of Kelsey Montague, the artist who creates these interactive murals that can be found all over the world.

These butterfly wings are the third set of Kelsey’s wings that I’ve seen this year. A famous pair of angel wings can be found in Nashville and a brand new mural was just finished in Detroit.

After a cup of joe and our little photo shoot, we headed to Golden, CO to take a tour of the Coors Factory. We tried to take the tour when I last visited, but there was a ridiculous wait. We still had to wait about an hour to be shuttled in to the factory for the tour but standing outside in 65 degree weather in February sure beats 90 degree weather in July, so we didn’t mind one bit.

The tour is self guided and takes you to about 15 different stops throughout the factory at your own pace. I learned a lot of interesting things – like for decades, Coors was only available in 11 states but became so popular that even President Ford would bring cases and cases back to the White House with him after a trip out west.

And hey, if it’s good enough for the past president, then it’s good enough for us! At the end of the tour, you’re welcome to try three samples in their lounge. Don’t mind if we do! 😉

When we woke up on Monday, the weather had changed a ton. It was no longer warm and sunny, but actually 12 degrees and snowy. Every time I looked out the window, I could barely even see the street below because so many pretty white flurries were swirling around. There was a unanimous decision from both of us to stay inside and enjoy our last two days together.

We don’t look mad about it, do we?

There was a ton of cuddles, movies, homemade chili, and chocolate chip banana bread involved and I wouldn’t change a thing! Since we don’t see each other regularly, sometimes being in the same space and “doing life” together is simply enough. I definitely got the quiet, relaxing weekend with my guy that I was hoping for. ❤

And while saying goodbye is never any fun, I’ll be back for a much longer visit when my school goes on spring break in April. But for now, I’m going to spend my evening catching up on the Bachelor and on my sleep!


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